Young Dubliners

Young Dubliners142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist: After thirty years as one of the world’s leading Celtic Rock bands, the Young Dubliners have begun work on their tenth studio album while still maintaining their busy tour schedule. Having survived the crushing impact of the lockdown on their industry they have returned stronger than ever and determined to bring their fusion of Celtic and rock music to as many people as they can. The band is Keith Roberts (vocals / guitar), Chas Waltz (Violin, keys, vocals), Justin Pecot (guitar, vocals), Dave Ingraham (drums) and Ethan Jones (bass guitar).

Iron Maidens

Iron Maidens w/ Special Guests142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistThe world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden For More Information:

Grey Daze

Grey Daze w/ The Faithfull & We Are Pigs142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist: Grey Daze formed in 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona – Started by vocalist Chester Bennington and drummer Sean Dowdell, who were introduced by a mutual friend of the two. The band also featured guitarist Jason Barnes and Bassist Mace Beyers. Originally under the moniker “Sean Dowdell and His Friends?” the band released a 3-track cassette, before changing their name to “Grey Daze.” Jason left the band a while later, and Bobby Benish stepped in to his place as lead guitarist.For more information:

Wayward Sons

Wayward Sons142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist Wayward Sons is a nostalgia-fueled, power-chord packed rock show featuring the greatest songs of the 80’s including hits from Journey, Queen, Styx, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Boston, and Guns N’ Roses. For more info on the artist:

Fast Times – 80’s Concert Experience

Fast Times – 80’s Concert Experience142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistFast Times is the ORIGINAL Premier 80’s Tribute band from Southern California. Established over 15 years ago, Fast Times continues to perform at clubs, concert theaters and private events at a national level.For More Info:

Yacht Rock Party with The Windbreakers

Yacht Rock Party with The Windbreakers142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistCome on…admit it, you love those Time-Life infomercials with the soft rock sounds from the 70’s and early 80’s. These are the songs you secretly sing along with at the grocery store and crank up in your rented convertible while cruising the PCH. It’s time to release yourself of those daily pressures and join The Windbreakers while you Drift Away down memory lane. Splash on that Old Spice, grab a Pina Colada and come Sailing into the experience of a lifetime.  For more information:

Rosemary’s Billygoat w/ The Clowns & The Big TakeOver (Bad Brains Tribute)

Rosemary’s Billygoatw/ The Clowns & The Big TakeOver (Tribute to Bad Brains)142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistRosemary’s Billygoat is an American heavy metal/hard rock band formed in Los Angeles’ South Bay in 1991, consisting of singer Mike Odd, guitarist Neal Gargantua, bassist Pat Trick and drummer Paul Bearer. For More Information:


THE SAMPLES142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist33 years after starting his full-fledged music career with TheSamples, Sean Kelly continues to delight fans with music thattranscends genres, age and shatters the rules of the establishedmusic industry. Throughout his career, Sean has been the drivinginfluence of 20 albums and over 1 million records sold.Sean started playing guitar at age 16 listening to Neil Young, RollingStones and Jackson Browne. Those influences mixed with his ownpoignant and timeless lyrics, a unique and striking voice and a mindfor melodies led to songs like Little Silver Ring, Feel Us Shaking andWild River. For many fans, these aren’t new songs or old songs, butanthems to their lives that represent the first time they met their wifeor the joys of their times at college.The Samples are more than a band – they represent a culture of fansand music that go beyond who happens to be playing in the band atany given time. There have been many members of The Samples,but Sean Kelly has been the consistent factor throughout all of thechanges.Learn More About The Samples: