Punk Rock Karaoke w/ Clowns & The Indignants

Punk Rock KaraokeThe IndignantsThe Clowns142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist The original deal since 1996. We play….YOU sing! Pick a song, we give you the lyrics. We call your name and voila! you are the singer in a punk rock band backed by the finest hand picked side men.Simple…we have sign up sheet at venue. Pick your song, we give you lyrics. When your song is called, come up and join the band! No, we can’t play every punk song from 1867 to present day. We hand pick our favorites from 1983 back to when dinosaurs pogoed along side with the punchers. Punk Rock Karaoke was a band originally formed in 1996 in a Los Feliz bar and restaurant in Los Angeles called Vida to serve as entertainment for a New Year’s Eve party. Created as an all star side project by Greg Hetson (Redd Kross, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion). Later members to join the group include Steve Soto (Adolescents, Agent Orange, C.J. Ramone), Stan Lee The DickiesThe DickiesD.I. (band) and following the departure of Derek O’Brien Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger) on drums.For More Info About The Artist: https://www.originalpunkrockkaraoke.com/For any additional questions, please check out our FAQ page here: https://saintrocke.com/faqs/If your questions are not answered there, please reach out to us at info@saintrocke.com

TSOL w/ Cliff Roman’s Weirdos, Shock Therapy, and P.I.S.S.

TSOL142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistT.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) is an American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California. For more information:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T.S.O.L.

**SOLD OUT** An Evening With: Black Flag

An Evening With:Black Flag142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistBlack Flag is an American band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California, by guitarist, primary songwriter, and sole continuous member Greg Ginn. Their discography includes seven studio albums and two live albums. The band has released all of their material on Ginn’s independent label, SST Records beginning with 1981’s Damaged. Vocalist Mike Vallely, first sang with the band as a guest vocalist in 2003, before becoming the band’s fifth vocalist in 2014. For more information: https://www.blackflagband.com/

**SOLD OUT** Descendents w/ One Square Mile & Plasma Canvas

Descendents w/ One Square Mile & Plasma Canvas142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistSince first emerging from (and defining) the Southern California pop-punk scene in 1978, the legendary Descendents have released classic after classic, from their landmark 1982 LP Milo Goes to College to 2016’s Hypercaffium Spazzinate. Now, after issuing a flurry of singles to get fans through the past few years, the band — Milo Aukerman (vocals), Bill Stevenson (drums), Stephen Egerton (guitar), and Karl Alvarez (bass) — will be touring in support of a new album. With a very cool twist.What started with Milo Goes to College now comes full circle on the blistering 9th & Walnut (Epitaph), a “lost album” quietly recorded in 2002 by the MGTC lineup of Stevenson, Aukerman, Tony Lombardo on bass, and Frank Navetta (d. 2008) on guitar. Audiences should be geared up for shows featuring songs spanning Descendents’ incredible career, from “Suburban Home” and “Silly Girl” to “I’m the One” and “Without Love,” and including 9th & Walnut tracks like first single “Baby Doncha Know” and its incendiary follow-up, “Nightage.”

Farmers w/ One Square Mile & AllOver

Farmersw/ One Square Mile & AllOver142 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Event Farmers are a Hermosa Beach, California / South Bay punk rock & rock n’ roll band fronted by Bill Bowan. They are locally known for including George Hurley of Minutemen on drums. One Square Mile & AllOver are both Hermosa Beach punk rock bands.  Reid Clow aka Swear Jar’s birthday bash!  

Punk Rock Karaoke

Punk Rock Karaoke 142 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the ArtistThe original deal since 1996… They play, you sing! Pick a song, they give you the lyrics, they call your name, voila! You are the singer in a punk rock band backed by the finest hand-picked side men. (Members of Pennywise, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Dickies, and Goldfinger.)For more information, please visit www.originalpunkrockkaraoke.com/

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