Happy Universe

HAPPY UNIVERSEFeat. Chris Kirkwood, Elmo Kirkwood, Derrick Bostrom of the Meat Puppets142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ Only Happy universe is the new project of original meat puppets members Chris Kirkwood and Derrick Bostrom, along with current meat puppets member Elmo Kirkwood. With a sound rooted in psychedelic rock the trio touches on the far out, intense edges of the sound spectrum as well as deluges into the more subtle, soft, and sublime realms. Stoner rock riffs, surf guitar boogies, prodigal bass playing, cacophony noise freak outs, and sun drenched desert rock all blend seamlessly in an unmistakable sound that happens when 2 Kirkwoods and and a Bostrom plug in and blast off!  For any additional questions, please check out our FAQ page here: https://saintrocke.com/faqs/If your questions are not answered there, please reach out to us at info@saintrocke.com

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