Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ OnlyAbout the Artist A timeless voice outlasts eras. It feels just as at home in the sixties as it does in the Snapchat age. It also resounds louder as time goes on. Haley Reinhart brandishes such a voice. However, the expansive scope of her range comes into full focus on her 2019 album Lo-Fi Soul. “It’s a mixture of all of my favorite things,” she explains. “It’s where pop, rock, and a hint of jazz  all come together. I want to show the fun side of who I am. I want to show the vulnerable side of who I am. I want to show the flirtatious side of who I am. When you hear these songs, you’re hearing every side of me.” Learn more: https://www.haleyreinhart.com/