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Jeremy Buck Video Release Happy Hour Extravaganza

Join us on Friday April 5 to celebrate the successful video project of local legend: Jeremy Buck. Fans across the country will be tuning in LIVE. 
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Jeremy Buck & The Bang: Jeremy Buck – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums Joel Geist – Bass, Vocals Chris Hanna – Guitar, Vocals. Jeremy Buck is a songwriting and entertainment powerhouse. As frontman for Jeremy Buck and the Bang, Jeremy has crafted the perfect vessel for delivering exceptional songwriting, world class showmanship, and an uncanny ability to triumph over nearly impossible odds! In late 2009, Jeremy Buck and the Bang became the first independent band to go into rotation on influential LA radio station 100.3 FM “The Sound” sharing Top 5 status with the likes of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Green Day, and The Dave Matthews Band. With clever hooks that dig in deeply and just won’t let go, “Just For One Night” is an irresistible plea for an additional evening of some sweet, sweet lovin’. With the goal of exposing the world to the magic that is “Just For One Night”, the boys enlisted the directorial talents of 9 time Emmy Award winner Barton Bishoff. The end result is a work of art that begs for repeated viewings. When a brilliantly shot parody of MTV’s “Rock of Love” collides with TV Land classic ,b>"The Dating Game", sure, some unlucky contestants may get the boot, but the viewer and music lover will always be the ultimate winner! Every wondrous tale has a beginning, and this one is no exception. Jeremy’s musical adventure begins in a small farming community in rural Indiana. At the age of nine, Jeremy earned $600 from showing a cow at the 4H County Fair. From the proceeds, he was able to purchase his first drum set, and still have a little money left over to buy himself a brand new pair of sneakers. But instead of adorning HIS feet with sporty new kicks, he opted to hook up both of his brothers with shiny new Michael Jordans’! That’s just the kind of guy he is. Eventually, Jeremy was awarded a baseball scholarship to Purdue University. In between homework, practice, and games, Jeremy found some time to hone his musical skills while decimating stages with his band, “Stone Carnival”. Dividing his time between three masters, Buck didn’t fully focus on music until a bone-shattering line-drive ended his baseball career. “I almost lost my leg. That was a difficult time, but it made me stronger.” Jeremy put all of his new-found strength behind performing, playing over 400 shows with the notorious “Stone Carnival”. The stage spectacle that would one day knock Southern California and The Orient on their heels, was developing in midwestern music venues, and in the nine independent films in which Buck starred and wrote the soundtracks. Buck moved to Hollywood with little more than a dream and a shoe-box full of songs. Work soon began on recording Buck’s debut CD. Culling from his impressive catalog of over 600 original songs, “A Secret Made of Dreams” provides the lift-off point that history will undoubtedly paint as the emergence of a great american songwriter. At Jeremy’s premier solo gig, a show organized by close ally Darren “The Wiz” Weiler, Jeremy would first encounter the enigmatic force of nature known as Joel Paul Geist, whom Weiler had chosen to emcee the event. Little did Jeremy know that this eccentric character, who barked at the audience, would become a revered collaborator, and in the process, one of his biggest fans. Work resumed on “A Secret Made of Dreams”, with Geist assuming co-production and engineering duties. Initially reluctant to performing live, Geist agreed to accompany Buck onstage, as bass player. With Buck’s “Keith Moon-like ferocity” on the drums, and Geist laying down the low-end with a “John Entwistle, of The Who, meets Rick Neilsen, of Cheap Trick,” authority, the backbone of one Los Angeles’ most dynamic rhythm sections, had been forged. Chris Hanna was playing guitar around L.A. with his band Southside Hero when he drunkenly stumbled into a Jeremy Buck show one night. “I had never heard of this guy,” slurred Hanna. “The energy of the show was fantastic and his original songs were amazing.” A few weeks later, Hanna phoned Buck and asked how he could get his hands on a new copy of Buck’s demo CD… he had worn-out his other one! When Buck suggested that Hanna join his band, Hanna jumped at the chance. The chemistry between Jeremy, Chris, and Joel was instant. Officially dubbed “Jeremy Buck & The Bang”, Hanna’s “Alex Lifeson, of the band Rush, playing guitar with The Beatles” style, in combination with his soulful background vocals and humble persona, have become an essential ingredient in the Buck-Bang Pie. With its infectious verses mischievously tucked in between rapturous choruses, the release of “A Secret Made of Dreams” showcased Bucks ability to blend insanely catchy hooks with honest and insightful lyrics. Slowly the buzz began to build about the kid from Indiana with the instantly classic songs and effortless charisma. The success of “ASMOD” led to tours across the U.S. and Japan. The band’s live shows became legendary. With “Jeremy Buck & The Bang” fans demanding more, the band set about recording their new CD, “Fools Gold”, with a more stripped down approach. In addition to simplifying the music, Buck strove to make “Fools Gold” a story that people could follow, from beginning to end. On “Outside My Window”, Buck bares his soul on a player piano, and then bares his teeth with crashing drums and heavy chords. To help the band achieve the vibe they wanted, they enlisted the mixing skills of the legendary Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. Kevin is the producer of choice for Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Metallica, Bon Jovi, and Iron Maiden. From there, they set out on countless tours across the US and Japan, enrolling fans one song at a time. With the buzz building fast, they were offered supporting slots for “Blues Traveler”, “Cheap Trick”, & “Marcy Playground”. Alongside their vigorous touring schedule they managed to maintain a weekly residency at the infamous “Lighthouse Caf?” in Hermosa Beach, which helped them develop a very loyal local following. With the success of “Fools Gold”, they went back into the studio to record a 5 song EP, due to the mega interest from fans to gain an audio recording of the new material they were playing at their live shows. Their standout hit, “Just for One Night” could quite possibly be the song that put “Jeremy Buck & The Bang on the Map”. This song has received radio play on Chicago’s 93 WXRT, Pocatello, Idaho’s 92.1 FM “The Edge”, and LA’s 100.3 FM “The Sound”. In sync with Buck?s ever changing live show, he opted to make a move from behind the drums, and into the front man position. After hiring Mark Dibenedetto, aka “Mr. Deebs”, to replace his chores behind the skins, Buck began to grow into a powerful and magnificent showman. With his multi-instrumental capabilities, he was able to lend his versatility, not only to the eye of the audience, but also to the ear. He effortlessly jumps from guitar, keyboard, and drums all while continuing to sing from the bottom of his soul. With his unique yet powerful performance, there is no doubt that Jeremy Buck will eventually become, if not already, one of the most incredible front man for generations to come! Currently, the guys are back in the studio recording their highly anticipated 4th album, and are gearing up for an upcoming tour to Indianapolis to play for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships. With a tour to the UK this summer and a tour to China in the fall, 2010 is bound to be another huge year for the Bang!



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