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Dread Zeppelin with Strange Days (Doors tribute) and Steel Toed Slippers

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Dread Zeppelin:  Since the release in 1990 of their debut cd “Un-Led-Ed” for IRS Records, Dread Zeppelin have continued to play to diehard fans and confused faces in crowds around the world for 20 years. While the make-up of the band has gone through a few member changes, the main forces of the band have remained to reveal new and old sounds, and look for a new generation of Led Zeppelin fans and anti-Led Zeppelin fans. Dread may always be considered to most, purely a novelty act. However, some may argue that unlike a number of those acts, the bands longevity is due to their ability to actually play. On their latest release, Bar Coda “, they managed to step back in time with their camp approach they are known for. Tortelvis, has made a career of imitating the vocal style and mannerisms of the late Elvis Presley. However, “the times they are a changin.” Kinda! While Tortelvis still carries some of the Elvis inflections into his own style, the music seems to be more timeless when not reverting to the use of fat, food or drug references, although their use of weaving many songs and riffs together make for laughs of their own. Dread Zeppelin's latest relerase produced and recorded by Spice (Dread Zeppelin's longtime drummer), Bar Coda reveals possibly a more mature sound, laced with rhythmic oriented beats but still somehow sticking with the classic DZ formula. Butt-boy's guitar adventurism is also evident when challenged to create more unique versions of familiar songs like That's Alright Mama and The Lemon Song. At times the guitar echoes a sonic tone not unlike that of 'Korn' and 'Mashuga'. Drummer Ziggy Knarley's beats reflect an almost jazz / rock hybrid, mostly evident in tracks like No Woman No Cry and Out On The Tiles. Spice has taken over the reigns as Bob Knarley relinquishes his producer to role and as brings it on home with Bar Coda. A recording that takes it's roots from "the old" Dread Zeppelin, (Led Zeppelin, Elvis and reggae). Who knew! Celebration Day, The Lemon Song, No Woman No Cry, The Ocean, The Rover, Suspicious Minds, Out On The Tiles, That's Alright Mama, Thank You and title track Bar Coda. One thinks that Mr. Plant will be "thanking" Dread Zeppelin for their version of Thank You and even preferring it over his own just like in the old days. Like the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio's paintings, Dread Zeppelin's latest release “SoSo” is a work of skill and inspiration. It's true that a 17th century artist and Dread Zeppelin have little in common, except perhaps a love of Italian pastries. The parallel is simply that Caravaggio made copies of his popular paintings on demand for patrons. Each copy had it's own character but stayed true to the theme of the original. This is what Dread Zeppelin has accomplished with “SoSo”: The familiar Dread Zeppelin songs are revisited all the while staying true to their sound. Each song is true to their style but is reworked with a master's hand giving each song new character. “SoSo” is a continuation of their tradition with a maturity and breadth of sound that has become the Dread Zeppelin hallmark. The title cleverly begs for jokes about the CD being “so-so”. Far from mediocre “SoSo” is a demonstration of their peculiar genius for making Led Zeppelin and Elvis standards fresh. This is what Tortelvis calls “pure innertainment.” “Bring It On Home” is just one of the many surprises on “SoSo”. The fusion of “Return to Sender” as counterpoint to the melody is so fluid that it almost goes unnoticed. The marriage of these songs is so obvious, so natural, that it's a wonder that it took so long to put them together. Another fun surprise is “Whole Lotta Love”, a staple of Dread Zeppelin's live performances, updated with Elvis' “Burnin' Love”. Butt Boy's chops are as tight as ever throughout “SoSo”. “Black Mountain Side” is a freewheeling variation on a theme that might seem far-removed from the acoustic version. The melody is infectious, almost lyrical and is a little closer to Bert Jansch's Irish folk song than it might seem. Fans of Butt Boy's shredding style won't be disappointed either. Be sure to turn up “Heartbreaker” to appreciate a master of the fretboard at work. “I Can't Quit You Babe” has long been a showcase for Tortelvis' dramatic vocals. “SoSo” includes an updated version enhanced with Elvis' “Love Me” and a fine reggae-toasting performance by Ed Zeppelin. The result is a practically joyful undercurrent to a well-known blues standard. Ed Zeppelin also appears on “Your Time is Gonna Come”. It's always a pleasure to hear Ed Zeppelin who adds so much to Dread Zeppelin's sound. Long-time Dread Zeppelin member Spice produced “SoSo” with a deftness and passion that Dread Zeppelin fans have come to expect. Every song benefits from Spice's ingenuity. The “Immigrant Song” is a standout, an expertly mixed song from beginning to end. The song begins with Tortelvis' wailing war cry over a full-throttle tempo and evolves into a driving mix of guitars, bass and keyboards. The song is at full force when “In the Ghetto” is masterfully added giving a new twist on a Dread Zeppelin classic. It's fitting that “SoSo” conclude with “The Rain Song”, described by Dread Zeppelin as “very special.” Special is an understatement. It's by far the most impressive song on “SoSo” and “The Rain Song” is destined to become a show-stopper. This is the first time Dread Zeppelin has recorded this moody Led Zeppelin ballad and the band obviously relished this opportunity to make it over in Dread Zeppelin style. The arrangement is perfect, complete with keyboards mimicking the orchestral-like Mellotron of the original. The guitar, bass and percussion all perfectly complement the song as it builds into a Phil Spector-like wall of sound. Tortelvis' really puts his heart into “The Rain Song” giving a bravura performance that is as close to an aria that is ever likely to be found in a rock ballad. Tortelvis' voice has gained in resonance and range over the years and this song is a perfect vehicle for his talent. After more than 20 years of making music together Dread Zeppelin has nothing to prove to their fans but that doesn't mean they've stopped trying to entertain. The affection the band has for each other is evident throughout the recording. “SoSo” is not so-so. It's great and at times brilliant. Dread Zeppelin does it again. “SoSo” is produced by Spice.Vocals: TortelvisGuitars: Butt BoyBass: Bob KnarleyPercussion: Ziggy KnarleyAdditional Vocals/Reggae Toasting: Ed Zeppelin Track List: Black Dog, Heartbreaker, Livin Lovin Maid, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Bring It On Home, Whole Lotta Love, Black Mountain Side, I Can't Quit You Babe, Immigrant Song, Moby Dick, and a very special version of The Rain Song

Steel Toed Slippers:  Will Nicoll and Matt Moss, also known as Steel Toed Slippers, have risen from the roots of redwoods in Humboldt County to bring the world a tall and sturdy serving of classic American rock soiled in soul, funk, blues, and jazz influences.  It all started the fall of 2006 when Will and Matt, who didn't know each other yet, were just beginning another school year in their small town of McKinleyville, California.  Will, a high school junior, roamed around the halls with his acoustic guitar and harmonica on a daily basis, and Matt, a freshman, woke up every morning at 5 am to play drums in the school's swing band.  It was when one of the school's counselors noticed Matt playing drums in the band room one day after class that he knew the two had to meet.  He introduced them to each other later that day at lunch and the rest is history.    After deciding on a band name for their new group, Will and Matt took Humboldt County by storm.  Playing at nearly every venue in the area within the next year, Steel Toed Slippers became a well known and highly respected name among the local music scene in Humboldt.  It was clear very early on that these small town boys were onto something much bigger than their youthful selves.  In 2007, the band did their first west coast tour with shows from Humboldt all the way to Los Angeles ending with a sold out show at The Whiskey A Go Go. It was at this point that the guys realized that LA was the place to be, and soon decided to re-locate.  For the next couple years, Will attended the Musicians Institute, and Matt studied jazz at the Hamilton Music Academy.   Shortly after the move the STS boys found themselves working among some of their biggest musical influences.  They were invited into the home studio of Stephen Perkins - drummer for Jane's Addiction - to record their very first EP. This led to countless road trips up and down the California Coast including opening slots for artists such as Little Feat, Fishbone, Cyril Neville and his band The Royal Southern Brotherhood, Dumpstaphunk, Ozomatli, and many more.     In the summer of 2011, Steel Toed Slippers went into the studio to record a single song with Kenny Gradney of Little Feat playing bass.  With the help of Bonnie Raitt's guitar player, Johnny Lee Schell, they ended up laying down an entire album of original music that went on to be mixed by multi Grammy award winning producer Ed Cherney.  In 2012 the band released their first full length album, titled Steel Toed Slippers.  Shortly after the release, STS played a headlining set in Los Angeles at The Mint with Bill Payne of Little Feat sitting in on keyboards.     Steel Toed Slippers are always on the go from town to town, and city to city, with one simple objective: to blow minds.  Whether they are performing as a duo, trio, quartet, or quintet, you can count on them to leave their audiences wanting more.  This is a band that is truly here to stay and grow, much like the redwoods that surround their youth.  


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