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TERRI NUNN & BERLIN with Spare Parts For Broken Hearts and Queen Caveat hosted by KROQ and Sirius XM's Richard Blade

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Terri Nunn & Berlin: A multi-platinum recording artist and mom, Terri started her career as an actress but turned into a music icon. She joined Berlin in 1979 and when Berlin's suggestive single "Sex (I'm A...)" debuted on radio stations in 1982, Nunn's blunt, X-rated dialogue provided a raunchy alternative to the frigid, robotic singing of many synth pop artists, most of whom were men. The critics were outraged, but Nunn's looks and amazing vocal range helped Berlin create a cult following on MTV, especially with the music videos for "The Metro" and "No More Words." “Although we didn’t realize it at the time,” Terri recalls, “Berlin’s sound was part of the start of modern electronic music in America. That sound has morphed into industrial, trance, electroclash and dance today. Bands like Interpol, Fisherspooner and Goldfrapp are direct descendents of what we were doing in the ‘80s.” In 1986, Berlin topped pop radio around the world with "Take My Breath Away" from the Top Gun soundtrack. The song won the Academy Award and Golden Globe award for Best Song in 1987. During a lengthy hiatus from Berlin to “get a life,” Terri collaborated with other artists such as Andrew Eldritch for The Sisters of Mercy UK hit “Under The Gun” and appeared in the Jane’s Addiction film “Gift.” Nunn recruited new musicians to resurrect Berlin in the late '90s. In 2000, they released Berlin Live: Sacred and Profane, in 2003, the new studio album, Voyeur, and in 2005 came 4play. In 2009, Berlin released a live comprehensive DVD/CD package entitled All The Way In and now Terri’s currently in studio writing and recording her 12th album with a team that includes producer/writer John King from The Dust Brothers (Beck, The Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Fight Club). You can find Terri Nunn on Facebook and Twitter.

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts: About.   Spare Parts for Broken Hearts has captured the allegiance of ‘90s Alt/Grunge    band listeners, as well as all-girl lineup lovers with the release of 2 EPs and    hundreds of U.S. shows. Sarah Green and Laurita Guaico often team up for the    groups’ catchy combo of vocal layers and alternate between bass and guitar,    while the dark lyrics and noisy feedback of SP/BH rest over the heart thumping    rhythms of drummer, Brenda Mejia. Green and Guaico first toured together in    Fullerton based all-girl band Relish, named one of the “129 Greatest OC Bands    Ever” by the OC Weekly. SP/BH formed in 2010, when all original members returned    to Long Beach, CA in different bands from another run on the Van’s Warped Tour.    Mejia later joined SP/BH as their second EP, I Love You was slated for release.    In 2011, SP/BH released their first self-titled EP, and were invited to play    SXSW. They were named #15 in The Examiner’s Top 25 Bands of Long Beach. At    the end of 2013, SP/BH won 1st place in the Slidebar/Guitar Center SOCO Music    Competition, landing them a supporting slot at a sold-out show at House of    Blues, Anaheim with long time OC favorite, Lit. Since then, the new 5 track EP    titled I Love You was released on Valentine’s Day 2014, and is now available    live and on iTunes.

Queen Caveat: Beware of the Queen, the mean and in between. Hail the rebel who lives in a dream. Her rules threaten us, muting our muse. But today we will fight, today she will rue. Unsilence your mouths to shout what you love. Cherish the crime, that you're apart of. We hares have a message to her majesty. Imposing granduer with too tight of seems. Hold tight to your rules, and tight to your crown. Our wrath is so loud, you won't hear a sound.


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