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Temporal Love with Midnight Lamp and Bully and Matadors

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  • $10.00
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  • 21 & over

Description: Ahhhhhh remember vinyl? We do.

Celebrate the release of Temporal Love's Vinyl album. Special guests: Midnight Lamp. 9pm

Temporal Love: Bio: Temporal Love has been thundering out some of the most authoritative blues-rock mastery since Terry Reid turned down the chance to join Led Zeppelin. It's psych-tinged and laced with funk, which often takes the forefront. It echoes with a vestige from a time not now, but it's original and dynamic. It will pound your head with the thickness of anvils sinking through muddy water. Melt your face with the quickness of lightning splattered across the sky. Wrench your heart with the tenderness of love blazing over the battlefield. And nail-biting guitar leads will take you to cosmic realms where supernatural levels are attained beyond the holy mountain. Having worked harder than beavers before the great flood, the young band is excited to release their debut LP on vinyl, limited to 500 copies, which will include a digital download of the record, as well as a digital download of their second full-length album! Since they were able to finish recording for album number 2 before hard copies of number 1 showed up, this show will be their double-banger album release party and celebration before taking off indefinitely for Central America to work on organic farms, meditate, and make new music.
Bully & Matadors: Bio: Kira “Bones Jones” Lingman (guitar/vocals), Steve a.k.a. El Huante (guitar/vocals), Rachel “Rockel” Togut (percussion/vocals). These three musical masters share a common love of country and blues music. All three had spent many hours sharpening their crafts separately, and were brought together by fate alone (or maybe working together at Becker Surf had something to do with it). El Huante is a veteran of the South Bay music scene, known to many as a Metal God and front-man of Gabriel’s Fallen. While attending U of O, Rachel visited many drum-circles populated by bearded men with dirty feet to practice the art of percussion. The only female in the South Bay to play on a cocktail drum kit, she has impressed many with her stick and vocal chops. For years Kira Bones Jones polished her skills in the privacy of her home and shower; it wasn’t until she was coaxed into performing at an open mic in Arizona that she finally came out of her shell to share the music she loves to play. Largely unknown in these parts, Kira has recently burst onto the scene with an arsenal of screaming guitar solos and a soulful voice.
Midnight Lamp: Bio: Midnight Lamp has been a fixture in the South Bay for a solid decade. From their rough beginnings, throwing together jams and shows mostly for friends, oft times struggling to button down permanent members committed to the band, they’ve since evolved into a tight and fully developed blues-based, R&B, funk-jam outfit. They are Jason Flentye (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Fred Flentye (lead guitar), Ed Lugo (bass guitar, vocals), Joyce Isles (lead vocals, tambourine), Jeff Blackman (drums, percussion, background vocals), and Steve Arnold (tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones). With age ranging from about 30-60 years old, they're one of the more diverse groups of unlikely musicians on stage at the same time. Their collective backgrounds and individual journeys pack the band with an eclectic powerhouse of talent which demands dancing from its audiences. Fred Flentye opened on tour in a band during the 70′s for the Drifters, Shirelles, and Coasters. Joyce Isles, who's bellow could put any American Idol to shame, once performed before the Dramatics, and her own brother is an original member of the O’Jays. Steve Arnold has been a professional sax player for 34 years and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston.


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