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South Bay Showcase w/ Dueling Pianos

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  • $5.00
  • Show Type:
  • 21 & over

Dueling Pianos with Jeff Vance: Jeff Vance began his journey at his fathers’ piano at the age of four. Learning every melody he could by ear, and replicating those melodies to entertain his siblings and fellow classmates in school. By the time Jeff was fourteen, he had learned over a hundred songs by memory. Whether it was Beethoven, the Beatles, or Elton John, Jeff could play them all. Turning his talents into a full-time working musician by the time he was sixteen and using his experience (well, at that time, very small experience) to land gigs in his small town in Michigan. It was around that time that Jeff began crafting his talents as a singer-songwriter, and even recorded a full-length solo piano album his senior year of high-school. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree of psychology in 2002, Jeff moved to Nashville, Tennesee to pursue music and mature as a singer and songwriter. Cutting demos and playing piano covers nightly, Jeff realized that his classical influence did not fit well with other styles of writing in that little-big town. His blending of classical riffs and pop/rock melodies was too “progressive”, yielding others to critique his work with words like “it’s too edgy, keep it simple.” Jeff Vance bounced around the U.S. performing in piano bars for a few years, playing gigs from New York to Las Vegas, ultimately dropping anchor in Los Angeles where he currently resides today. Jeff is a sought after record producer and studio musician. He is also the lead vocalist of LA based progressive metal band Furn. Jeff is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in music studies and piano performance and can be found playing shows throughout the LA/Orange County club scene


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