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Cisco Adler, The Wheeland Brothers, Ikaika Beamer, Lexo The Great and DJ SpeakeaZy

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Cisco Adler: Cisco Adler is a platinum selling singer/songwriter/producer from Malibu, California known for bringing back the “California Sound.” A multi-talented musician, vocalist, and, and arranger that can bring the life (and a little bit of California) to any party on record or otherwise. Cisco is one half of the alternative hip-hop group Shwayze. The duo have released several hit records, produced by Adler, that have reached Number #1 on the iTunes charts and debuted in the Top 10 on the US Billboard Charts. Most memorably the Top 40 hit singles Buzzin’ and Corona & Lime. Their most recent album Island in the Sun has spawned the hit, “Drunk Off Your Love,” with LMFAO party rocker Sky Blu. His next project is his highly anticipated solo album. When summer hits, the blogs and DJs look to songs with Cisco‘s laid back touch, whether he is providing the beat and singing a chorus for Philly native Tayyib Ali on the recent “Ride With Us” or hosting a party on a track with Shady Records signee Yelawolf, Dirt Nasty, and Bananabeat’s own Johnny Polygon on “Lemonade.” His debut album ALOHA will be just what the doctor ordered...think if Sublime met Jimmy Buffet and jammed on the beach. Cisco has also co-written and produced songs for Lil Jon, Mike Posner, Mickey Avalon , Dirt Nasty, Warren G, The Knux, G. Love, Mod Sun, Unwritten Law, Wiz Khalifa, and more. He has had songs featured in The Hangover, Tropic Thunder, Sorority Row, Final Destination, Gossip Girl, & The Hills. As an artist or labelhead, a tastemaker or influencer, he has used this insight to pioneer many categories, including his work as a DJ, Video Director, and Visual Artist.

The Wheeland Brothers: While Southern California hums with traffic and nightlife, we're the guys kicking back around a cozy little beachfire on some empty stretch of beach you didn't know was there, cerveza in hand, lifting a toast to the California coast and jamming out homemade songs inspired by waves, hangin' with friends, and dreaming of distant shores. The Wheeland Brothers (or "Bruddahs" for some of you) are a four-piece band from Orange County. We like to call our music Beach Rock Reggae. Basically, if you love the beach, you'll love our sound.

Ikaika Beamer: Born in 1978, Ikaika Makanui Beamer was raised in Hanalei, on the island of Kauai, surrounded by members of Hawaii’s most beloved musical families. Ikaika established his love for music early. A child with a love for reggae, hip-hop and Hawaiian music, he has always been on the edge of the reggae sound creating a style with a combination of the three genres. After college, Ikaika moved to San Diego, California and started the band Sticky Situation. Sticky Situation quickly catapulted into the heart of the Southern California music scene playing numerous venues and local surfing and skateboarding events. “I couldn’t believe how fast people related to me and my music, I was truly grateful to play anywhere and everywhere I could,” he says. After three years of performing on the West Coast, Ikaika moved back home to Maui, Hawaii with long time girlfriend Mana Bee (Manasubi), to continue writing and creating new music. in 2010 & 2011 Ikaika toured the mainland again, but this his time focusing on Arizona from Tucson to Flagstaff opening for bands such as The Green, Natural Vibrations, Colllie Budz, Seedless, Tribal Seeds & Fortunate Youth. Ikaika has recently moved back to Capistrano Beach, CA. to record his long awaited debut full album "HI TIMEZ". A compilation of reggae, roots, hip hop amongst other catchy bounces. Ikaika will keep continuing his pursuit of getting his music heard, and you can catch Ikaika, or "Kai" as people like to call him playing all over southern California at the present time at Sunsets on the PCH weekly or at many other local venues in the San Clemente area. “In my family, music was just always around, and it was taken very seriously,” Beamer says. “It was always a passion of mine, and I’ve never stopped trying to write songs that people can love and relate to. I believe that everyone can relate to good music and lyrics, and I have a message to get out. But Hawaiians are up against a shallow stereo type often demeaning to the native culture.” It has been the life passion of Ikaika Beamer to counter such images.

Lexo the Great: Santa Barbara County and the 805 are the biggest influence on Lexo The Great's sound and drive to hustle as an independent artist. Born from Latin decent, his mother Mexican and father Bolivian. His Latin culture always causes him to explore a wide variety of new sounds and experiment with different genres of music. His eclectic background and heritage proves for his great stage presence and interaction with his crowd. 2011 proved to be a progressive year for Lexo. SXSW 2011 and a So Cal Tour with Rock-Reggae powerhouse Iration definitely allowed Lexo to hit the ground running. The highlight for 2011 was definitely the release of his latest single, 'Another Day' ft. Iration which is available on iTunes. Lexo has also had the opportunity to perform along side several bands and artists such as Mickey Avalon, Iration, Seven Lions, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, The Mike Pinto Band and Pacific Dub. He released his latest EP, 'Keep It Dirty', a Dubstep project produced by Seven Lions on iTunes in August of 2011. The duo did several shows and release partys up and down the coast, catering to the true Dubstep heads and DJ's. Lexo is currently writing and recording his new album with Reggae Great and Grammy Award winning producer Native Wayne Jobson. Native Wayne has worked with and produced for legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Keith Richards, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs and his most successful project, No Doubt's "Rock Steady" album which earned him 2 Grammys and sold over 3 million records. All the while, Lexo still continues to spread his positive and humble energy to all those who around him, as well as sticking to his roots and never forgetting where he comes from.


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