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ROOTS. ROCKE. THURSDAZE. w/ The Veragroove, Natural Heights and Leroy w/ DJ Kachafire

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  • $8.00 - $10.00
  • Show Type: Reggae
  • 21 & over


Drink Specials:
$3 Primo
$5 Rasta Shots

The Veragroove: In August, 2010 at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the Veragroove was created under chaotic circumstances. Lead singer Ricky Moore was living in a halfway house. Bassist Corey Groove was on intense probation. Drummer Johnny Groove and Keyboardist Sean Lee both had significant substance control issues. All band members at some point were homeless. However, what does not kill you makes you stronger(arguably), and in the short span of a year, a major transformation had taken place. The musical diamond that was formed under the extreme pressures of government, society, family and/or self, eventually became an escape for all band members, as well as a reliable source of light amidst great darkness. Realizing the potential for a brighter future, members of the band quickly focused their energies on writing the music and performing with precision. A raw, energetic, aggressive reggae rock style began to emerge. Influenced by the classic rock of Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and the Beatles, as well as the great 90‘s bands such as Nirvana, Sublime, STP, and Incubus, the music coalesced and the Veragroove’s initial sound was found. After winning the SRP Battle of the Bands and headlining the local Marquee Theatre at such an early stage, the band has hit the ground running and has not looked back since. In the short span of a year, the Veragroove movement has been steadily gaining momentum. Following the December ’10 release of their first EP entitled Travelin’ Man (engineered by Grammy Nominated Craig Schumacher, Wavelab Studios), Veragroove music has had airplay on 3 major Arizona radio stations (X103.9, KWSS 106.7, ASU’s KASC theBlaze), along with countless interviews and features on both local and national publishings, online radio stations, podcasts, etc. The band has been consistently playing shows in California, Las Vegas, and Arizona, with artists such as the Dirty Heads, Seedless, the Green, Fortunate Youth, True Press, Stranger, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Rey Fresco, Authority Zero, the Voodoo Glowskulls, 2-tone Lizard Kings, and many more. Derived from “Truth in Music”, the Veragroove is a prism through which multiple truths come through to create one singular light. The movement moves forward through music, and with plans for an upcoming Winter 2011 release, the Veragroovement is on its way...The band has also started some new musical projects including a reggae/hip hop collaboration as well as a “Veracoustic” release, so there’s much to look forward to in the future!


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